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Create a Quality Podcast (Under $150)

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Greetings, its Cril from Out Da Box Media. After 13 years of doing Podcast Interviews on my youtube channel: Out Da Box TV and later my audio podcast Out Da Box Talks, I thought it would be informative to share some of the main items I used when I was first starting my Audio Podcast back in 2013. Here are 2 inexpensive but high quality items you will need to put together a quality video or audio podcast, considering you already at least have a usb functioning computer. I will also include some mic stand options at the bottom. The best part is that you can find all 3 of these items for as little as $130 to $150. Check out the details on the items below. I also have my amazon affiliate links listed where you can purchase these items directly from amazon

Disclaimer: Currently the prices for the 3 different items are all under $150 but prices may be subject to change in the future.

Berringher Ultravoice XM8500 Dynamic Vocal Microphone

I have used this microphone for about 12 years and the quality is amazing as well as the durability of these mic. The interesting thing is that the price is so amazingly cheap but this XM8500 is extremely high quality. I’ve used this mic for video shoots for over 8 years and a number of audio interviews for my Out Da Box Talks platform. Almost every Out Da Box TV video interview I did prior to 2020, I used this mic. This mic is more than worth the near $20 price, I actually own about 6 of these mics for when I need to do a big guest in house podcast. Click the link on amazon to get this mic

Sure X2U XLR to USB Signal Adapter

This XLR to USB Adapter is the real deal, I have used this for about 5 years since I stared my internet radio station and Out Da Box Talks audio podcast was initially launched. I decided on purchasing this item after multiple attempts purchasing a usb xlr adapter that was priced under $99. Yeah I was really trying to go an even more cost effective route but that was not smart. After about failing with two other cheaper USB to XLR adapters, I learned that this was definitely well worth the $99 price. There is literally no noticeable background noise, which is a big plus when it comes to interface hardware. I have purchased mixing boards for almost triple the price of this adapter and still found a lot of hiss and background noise even with adjustments. So this item is a sure shot if you are a one man/woman podcaster and just need it to sound professional and clear with your interview guest. The other cool thing is you don’t need to purchase a separate XLR cable because the device itself is the xlr to usb connection. Click the link on amazon to get this Adapter.

Affordable Mic Stand Options

The only other item you will need to purchase is a mic stand. You can find a simple one on Amazon for under 23 bucks. I included about 3 mic stand options below. Click the link on each option below

Moukey Boom Mic Stand Desk Adjustable Desktop

Billione 3 in 1 Multi-Function Desktop Microphone Stand

Desktop Microphone Stand,Flat TripodBracket

Zoom (App)

As far as the streaming software you use, you can use the free version of zoom to record your interviews, just make sure that when you plug your microphone input in, you select you’re the sure usb as your mic input in zoom. Before you do the official recording of your show with a guest, it is wise to adjust your mic settings to a medium gain and do a pre record with your guest to see if your mic audio levels need to change so that they are leveled with your guest. Adjust your mic gain levels accordingly if you need to, prior to the official recording.

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