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Hip Hop Album/EP of the Week (Nov 18th - Nov 24th, 2022)

Emcee, Producer J. Sands' New Album "Women" is my selection for "Best Hip Hop Album/EP of the Week" due to its warm jazzy vibe and his willingness to stay on subject throughout an entire album dedicated to "Women". In my opinion, the immediate impact of this project is due to its warm melodic vibe that comes not just with the jazzy production but also via J. Sands' smooth emcee flow and vocals. The subject matter although primarily focused on his love and admiration for "Women" reflects on specific topics like his care for and courtship with women, his unconditional love for a signiticant other, a romantic intergerlactic experience shared, his magnetic attraction to a special woman, a one night love affair, a tribute to his Sister, Mom, Wife and Daughter and other subjects related to his positive relationships with women. The features on the album also help to compliment the songs well. One of my favorite features come from Emcee, Singer "Big Sug" on the song "Whtevaeyedo" where he warmly adlibs the vocals: "Whateva I do, I'm gonna love you" on the song's hook. It's always dope to hear Big Sug sing on tracks. Other favorite feature artist tracks, include the song "Donna - Remix" with "Shanice" and the track "U" featuring "Wes Felton". The production on the album is provided by J. Sands, Jon Laine, Rashad and Rob Riley. However the majority of the production is split between J. Sands and Jon Laine. The album consists of 10 tracks and clocks in at a duration of around 40 minutes long. The production is cohesive and usual of what you'd expect from J. Sands. A quality effort from the talented native Pittsburg Emcee! His new album entitled "Women" is now available on digital streaming platforms

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