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Hip Hop Album/EP of the Week (Sept 16 - Sept 22, 2022)

This past week's "Album of the Week" is actually a Double Album. The first double album we've hosted for this "Best Of The Week" Series. It is from my favorite Emcee Alive, best known as "Ka". Yes, he released not 1 but 2 albums last Friday 9.16.2022. One entitled "Languish Arts" and the other album entitled "Woeful Studies". It was difficult to separate which one of the 2 projects were the better, because in listening so far, I feel like they are pretty even. But what's certainly consistent in my observation, is that both projects are highly intriguing lyrically. This is clearly no suprise when it comes to Ka's output with albums, he always brings his magnificent lyrical strengths to each release. His clever use of words to display the pain and struggle endured coming up in the ghetto is one of the main standouts of the two albums. He has a genuine way of showing the harsh realities of the hood/street life without glorifying the recklessness or temporary rewards that come with the street lifestyle. He has a line on the track "Ascension" where he says "I talk to you like an Old Uncle, that's my nuance", that line alone sums up Ka's personality as an Emcee. When listening to him, it's like he's the wise old guy giving wisdom about the pitfalls of streetlife, the pain experienced, the struggle to overcome poverty, and not the glorification of the streets. He conveys this message consistently throughout the music on both albums and does so in such a humble way, that it makes me appreciate him even more as an artist. It displays his good character and integrity as a person. Hence the line "With integrity, was being Honorable when no one is looking" - Still Holding. The two albums actually sound more similar than different, they certainly compliment each other very well, as if it's one full album with 20 tracks but if I had to separate the two, I'd say that "Woeful Studies" flows just a little bit cohesively better than "Languish Arts". There are moments of listening where you get lost in the sequence, as though it's just one whole track you're listening to rather than separate tracks on the album. There are certain lyrical jewels that speak out loudly when listening to both album in this rhythm. I believe the double Album dynamic lends a slightly different listener experience for Ka's LP release this time around. It gives you more to be excited about after getting through the first album listen. I've enjoyed going from listening to "Languish Arts" first, then "Woeful Studies" next, as I feel it's a better progression between the two, but you can choose the other way around if you prefer. Lyrically the album is everything you would expect from Ka. It's thoughtful, lyrically intricate, emotional, calmly expressive, full of integrity and humility. There's double entendres, punch lines and clever wordplay. The production on the album is cinematic and quite minimal but it really works well for Ka's voice and vocal display of lyricism. Each project consists of 10 tracks with occasional speech excerpts seemlessly woven into specific songs on the album. These audio excerpts help to compliment that albums exceptionally. My favorite tracksfrom both projects are "No Reservations, Forgive Me, If Not True, Unindulged, Still Holding, Last Place, We Hurting, Reap, Counted Out, The Block, My Only Home" but all the tracks hold a lot of weight quality wise! Vocal features on the album come from Chuck Strangers, GonetoHeaven and Joi, while additional Production comes from Animoss and DJ Preservation. Outside of that, Ka covers the majority of the rhymes and production.

Below are some of the most memorable lines on the albums but this is just a fraction, there's so much more dope lines to discover, it's gonna take some time to unpack all the amazing Quotables on these 2 albums

What comes from me, is meant to accompany though they call in them verses (versus) - Ascension

"To finally live on a block with no lots, was like lottery" - No Reservation

"To be true, always knew talking bout your gators was crock" - No Reservation

"At the top of my craft, should probably move to Peekskill" - Forgive Me

"Tired of black kids bending over backwards, living in limbos, got a lotta layers that's how I made it to winter in them thin clothes" - Touché

"Just saving to push, kick, flip wasn't a cheap skate" - Touché

"Defend threats trying to reach my net, like I was raised in goalie" - Still Holding

"Many phony, known to phone it in, I never dialed it back" - Last Place

"Don't gotta flood you with product to inundate" - Last Place

"Sneakers with holes, don't suppose I'll be a goodie two shoes" - We Hurting

"Embarrassed as kids had Patches on our clothes, wanted Cabbage" - We Hurting

"I stay wise and cake rise, cause my pieneal" (pie kneel) - Counted Out

"From the Hill, still took yrs to take the high road" - Counted Out

"Ain't no frontin in my background, you listen to lies no surprise you despise how facts sound" - Eat

"The weak eat they heart out, I never bite my lip" - The Block

"Ain't cut from the same cloth if you fabricating" - Building

Both "Languish Arts" and "Woeful Studies" are currently only available for purchase via Ka's website but will likely be available on dsps in the coming weeks, however if you're a fan of clever lyrical and well thought out albums, I strongly encourage you to support these projects, if you can afford. The music is well worth the purchase in my humble opinion. Enjoy! Check out the music video for the track "Ascension" from the "Languish Arts" album!



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