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Hip Hop Album/EP of the Week (Sept 30 - Oct 6, 2022)

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

This new EP from skilled Emcee "Prime Minister" and Producer "Amanicove" entitled "The Fall Tones, Vol. 2". came out on October 1st, but I didn't know it was released until yesterday Friday, October 7th. However after careful listening this EP ended up being my selection for the "Best Creative and Conscious Hip Hop project of the Week", and honestly it was extremely difficult to choose from, considering all of the other dope projects that came out. I chose this project due to the sharp lyricism by "Prime Minister" but also due to his clever and swift stream of thought lyrics dealing with topics of overcoming oppression, knowledge of self, wisdom, integrity, triumph, black excellence and more. The EP is 8 tracks long and just 16 mins and 5 secs in duration but the music flow like it's just one full track you're listening throughout the full EP. The beats are boombap but smooth, mellow and soulful. There's also some seamless instrumental changeups in the production provided by Amanicove. The tracks "Jedi Council" and "Whatyousayluv" display these changeups really well. The lyrics have a street intellectual aesthetic and Prime Minister's delivery is so smooth that it's easy to marvel at his vocal presence without paying much detail to his lyrics. Even when listening casually, the music has moments of lyrical quotables that stand out in a memorable way. Also the vocal features complement the album really well. Prime Minister's style is reminiscent of Planet Asia's and even Raekwon's wit and sharp lyrical delivery however he has his own unique Emcee presence. His voice and flow is immediately pleasant to listen to, and I look forward to more music from him. Check out his previous "The Fall Tones, Vol. 1" EP when you get a chance, and peep the new "The Fall Tones, Vol. 2" now on dsps below



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