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Hip Hop Single of the Week (Sept 23 - Sept 29, 2022)

I usually don't recognize TWO Best New Hip Hop Singles of the Week, but these 2 records are really dope from these 2 proven and certainly talented Emcees! Both tracks came out on September 23rd and are the first singles from their individual upcoming albums. I decided not to do a detail write up on each track today. I believe the dopeness is self explanatory when you listen to the 2 singles, check them out below, both available on bandcamp and dsps.

This new single from the talented Nashville, Ruby Yacht Emcee "R.A.P. Ferreira" entitled "mythsysizer instinct" is the new single from his upcoming album entitled "5 to the Eye with Stars" due for release on November 4th, 2022. Single now on bandcamp and dsps.

The other new single is from talented Queens, NYC Emcee "Homeboy Sandman" entitled "Satellite" from his upcoming Album entitled "Still Champion" Produced by Deca due for release on November 11th, 2022. Single now on bandcamp and dsps.

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