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Hip Hop Song of the Week (Nov 25th - Dec 1st, 2022)

Our selection for "Best Hip Hop song of the Week" released between November 25th and December 1st 2022 goes to Hip Hop group "Scienz Of Life" entitled "Paper Genocide". This is another thought provoking record from the talented Hip Hop Duo since their recently dope single "Warrior Awakening" was released. The lyrics are thoughtful and the production is subtle but Boom Bap jazzy. Not much to say in detail about the lyrics since the group's description of the song explains it well. Read that description below and listen to the song now on bandcamp and dsps.

Song Description:

"Paper Genocide is the deliberate and systematic destruction of indigenous cultures, languages, and identities. It is a term used to describe the policies implemented through schools, the taking of indigenous lands, destroying records, the elimination of identities, and other methods of assimilation. The result has had a devastating impact on Indigenous people worldwide for generations. This also relates to the intentional burning and covering up of information about the origins of many colonized places as it relates to culture, identity, land rights, and much more. Scienz Of Life uses the term abstractly to get people who are not familiar with it to LOOK IT UP! And also to articulate why they feel it is so hard for so many of us to trace back our true roots and quickly know who we are and EXACTLY where we are from. Let’s normalize finding our tribes, it’s IMPORTANT!"



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