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#NewAlbum: BearTooth Collective - Unity Tape Vol. 1: F It We All Ball

New Album from “BearTooth Collective” entitled “F*ck It We All Ball” now on bandcamp. a collective of Emcees, Artists, Creatives. Read the bandcamp description of “The BearTooth Collective” and Unity Tape below:

The BearTooth Collective is not a record label.

It's a collective of friends & families who are all independent creatives in various fields, hailing from various places, who all believe in uplifting their communities through their crafts. It's a group of misfits, punks, hippies, & proud weirdos.

The people at the show who can't stop themselves from dancing so hard you think they're having a seizure. The painters who create masterpieces and give them away because the art was meant for the person who found it and in that moment the money, for some reason or another, doesn't matter.

The people who believe in mutual aid, have bottomless wells of empathy, and are always finding ways to freak the system, because f*ck the system.

We call this a Unity Tape to celebrate the moments in this life where we are unified, which is always in spirit but sometimes not in form.

This collection of songs is Our panacea. Our mega-elixir. A Full-Restore for inner peace.

We named this Unity Tape "F*ck It, We Ball" as a middle finger to Our self-doubt. A flashlight in the darkest night. A splash of water to the face when the tunnel vision sets in. In the moments that we are hard on ourselves, we have turned to this as a mantra. A belief system.



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