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#NewAlbum: Edo. G - We Do Good

New Album from Veteran/Accomplished Boston Emcee "Edo. G" entitled "We Do Good" now available on dsps. Albums features guests King Magnetic, Greg Nice, Ruby Shabazz, Seventh Sun, Kaleb and production from Edo. G himself, Torch, Kurt Cazel, Kemp, Tone Spliff and Geronimo X. Check out the music and track list below

Edo. G - We Do Good (Tracklisting)

1. Gillie Shit Produced By Edo.G

2. Greg Nice Feat. Greg Nice Produced By Torch

3. Hope Feat. Seventh Sun & Khaleb Produced By Edo.G

4. Master Produced By Edo.G

5. Truth Produced By Edo.G

6. Paid : Produced By Curt Cazal

7. Watch out : Produced By Kemp

8. Welcome Feat. King Magnetic Produced By Tone Spliff

9. Yo Produced By Edo.G

10. WE DO Good Feat. Ruby Shabazz Produced By Edo.G

11. Wake up Produced By Geronimo X



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