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#NewAlbum: I773 & Kuartz - A Conversation Piece

New Album from Veteran Chicago Emcees “1773” (Jay Nagoma & Wisdm Uno) and UK Producer “Kuartz” entitled “A Conversation Piece”. Thoughtful, mature and conscious lyrics over Soulful Boom Bap beats. Album now available on bandcamp and digital streaming platforms

Read the description of the album below:

“What do you get when two veteran Chicago lyricists link with a Veteran hip hop producer from Manchester, UK? "A Conversation Piece." The album titled as such from 1773 & Kuartz, is 10 tracks of SP1200/MPC driven beats layered with meaningful lyrical content. On tracks like "Feelings Aside" and "Giving Flowers" the emcees deliver more thought provoking content. While offering more playful yet relatable subject matter on tracks such as "Lesss Goooo" and "Please Stay". The heavy boom bap production provided by Kuartz and seamless flow by Jay Nagoma & Wisdm Uno make for an album sure to create conversation.”



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