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#NewAlbum: Ka - Languish Arts / Woeful Studies (Double Album)

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

Whoa! What a grateful and pleasant suprise! My Favorite Emcee Alive just released not 1 but 2 Full Length Albums! Yesssssss! The extremely talented and skilled Brownsville Brooklyn Emcee "Ka" has releases his 2 new albums today. 1 Entitled "Languish Arts" and the 2nd entitled "Woeful Studies". If you don't know who Ka is, let me explain. In my opinion he is one of the most thoughtful Emcees when it comes to penning and performing lyrics. He puts a lot into his lyrics and you can really feel the emotion and effort he puts into the music. He's one of the Best Emcees of all time. These 2 albums are currently only available to purchase on his website but if you are a fan of thoughtful and clever lyrics, I strongly believe you will appreciate the music, as Ka puts a lot of thought into his rhymes and the music replay value is often very strong as you find yourself going back to find newjewels in his rhymes weeks, months and even years later. You can purchase both albums now on Ka's website. What an amazing last 2 days for new releases! Enjoy

Visit to purchase both Albums digitally!

Also check out the music video for the track "Ascension" from "Languish Arts" now on youtube



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