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#NewAlbum: Miguel Atwood Ferguson - Suite for Ma Dukes

Actually recorded Live in 2009, this Timeless “Suite For Ma Dukes” Live Instrumental Album from Miguel Atwood-Ferguson is now available on bandcamp. The music represents “The Music of James “Dilla” Yancey” by Miguel Atwood-Ferguson with a 60 Piece Orchestra. Album now on bandcamp. Read the description for the project below:

Timeless: The Composer/Arranger Series is the name of a concert series that was created in homage to the composer/arrangers who have influenced hip-hop in the most literal and profound ways. Timeless was conceived in Los Angeles by production house Mochilla during February and March 2009 and included the performances of over 150 musicians in front of ecstatic sold out crowds. These three historic events were recorded and filmed in exacting detail with Mochilla’s unmistakable style.

Timeless because a heart-beat is always more important than aclock tick.

Composer/arrangers work with pencil and paper; there, among the tiny slashes and dots, sound exists in its most rudimentary form. Rhythm, harmony and melody begin this process as graphite strokes, that in the hands of virtuosos, become sweeping tornadoes of emotion. Today’s beatmakers also produce music on a grand scale: the graphite strokes have been replaced with artifacts, minutiae gleaned from the history of recorded sound, automated and then supplemented by hand strokes, head nods, thumps, glitches and artistry.

In short beat making couldn’t exist without its long handed older sister.

Timeless brings these two seemingly unlike worlds together by honoring the legacies of three of the greatest composer-arrangers ever. Mulatu, Dilla and Verocai may not have been household names but their contribution to contemporary music is unrivaled. See the most recent Louis Vuitton show scored by Tyler the Creator with strings and arrangements by Arthur Verocai or the several pages of Dilla Time by Dan Charnas dedicated to Suite for Ma Dukes.

Timeless celebrates their works in the context they should be heard—with full orchestras.

Also check out the “Untitled Fantastic 22 Remix” single by Denise Chaila and Deekapz also available on bandcamp



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