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#NewAlbum: OKnice - Have You Tried Being Happy?

New Album from Minnesota Emcee "OKnice" entitled "Have You Tried Being Happy?" now available on bandcamp and digital streaming platforms. Thought Provoking and Soulful Album with features from Defcee, Love, Ulysses, Gabe Reasoner and Sekwence. Read more about the album at the description of the album below:

"Have You Tried Being Happy? is an exercise in honesty. Whether it’s observations about himself or the world he lives in, OKnice tackles thoughts and questions in real time along with the listener, instead of trying to give any answers. An often lighter soundscape is riddled with words of doubt and disappointment. It’s not all doomsaying, however, as the project sees the Saint Paul rapper at the top of his form mixing in humor about his life choices, small glimpses of growing up in rural Oklahoma, and verses that flex enough to impress those here for straight bars. Have You Tried Being Happy? is a project focused on mental health, growth, and figuring out what “happy” even means."



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