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#NewAlbum: Poor Legacy - Grow

New Album from Waterbury, CT hip hop group “Poor Legacy” entitled “Grow”. The group is comprised of frontman Emcee “Nailz”, Keyboardist “D-Note”, and Drummer “E-Rhythm”. The album is now on bandcamp and digital streaming platforms. Read the description below

In an era where so much of today’s music lacks substance and originality; “Grow” by Poor Legacy fills that void, with conscious lyrics, melodic chords, heavy bass & drum rhythms. Poor Legacy’s distinctive sound breathes fresh new life in a time when it’s most needed. The album is packed with a mixture of raw organic elements that will soothe your listening ears from the intro to the outro. Poor Legacy is comprised of frontman Nailz, D-Note (Keyboardist), and E-Rhythm (Drummer). The band originated in Waterbury, CT back in September of 2001.



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