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#NewAlbum: Divine Dynasty - Future Ancestors

I am so excited to share this New Album from two talented Emcees from the Motherland Africa! Emcee's "Sage Poet" (Malawi) and "African King Fre$h" (Zambia) come together as "Divine Dynasty" for their collaborative Album entitled "Future Ancestors". A Hip Hop project full of thought provoking, intricate and socially conscious lyrics. The special thing about this Album is that yours truly "Cril" makes a guest Emcee appearance on the track entitled "The Epilogue" on the album. This is my first official feature as a guest Emcee on a project, and I'm honored to share the space with two very talented Emcees. Huge props to Sage Poet for reaching out! Also the album is dope hands down! The production has a cinematic jazzy sound and the beats are split between Sage Poet and African King Fre$h. The album also has features from other talented Emcees Phi Ella, Kananji, EZ O.N.E. and Sibanji. Check out the project now currently available on bandcamp. Feel encouraged to support this dope and thoughtful project if you like what you hear. Check out the music below



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