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#NewEP: Hezekiah - A Moment In Time (Prod. Time Stretch)

This New EP from Emcee, Producer, Singer “Hezekiah” and Producer "Timestretch" entitled “A Moment In Time” actually came out in May, but for some reason I didn’t know about it then. It’s 6 tracks and produced by “Timestrech” now available on bandcamp and digital streaming platforms. Read more about the EP in the description below

“This album was recorded by Hez and timestretch around 2012. Both artists had strong opinions about certain aspects of the EP. Stretch, decided if both of them were not going to be behind the project 100% that he would shelf it. Fast Forward to 2021, Both artists have grown into better men. They have different perspectives now. This EP still feels relevant now more than ever. That's why it's finally being released. So, what more can I say? It was definitely "A Moment In Time"

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