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#NewEP: King Author & Haleem - Through & Through

New EP from Emcees “King Author” and “Haleem” entitled “Through & Through”. First of all I was not expecting to learn about this project on the last day of February 2022, so I was pleasantly surprised to see another King Author project released this year and very happy to hear Haleem rhyming on the project, as Haleem is one of my favorite Emcees today. The project is currently only available on bandcamp and you can only stream a few tracks prior to purchase. But I believe the purchase it worth it if you can afford, especially if you’re into conscious or thought provoking hip hop. Check out some of the songs below

Read the bandcamp description of the Project below:

“This is a collaboration of 2 men, from 2 different cultural practices, coming together for one common cause. The project was created for those that were looking for something like this and could not find it, as well as, those who didn't know they needed it. King Author and Haleem seen what needed to be done and did it.”



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