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#NewMusic: Homeboy Sandman - Monopoly (Single)

New single from the talented Queens Emcee "Homeboy Sandman" entitled "Monopoly" Produced by "Knxwledge" now available on bandcamp. Read more about the themed single below

"Knxwledge has a lot of heat. And I've always enjoyed playing Monopoly (even though it tears my family apart). Somehow these two facts collided on an overnight drive from someplace (I can't even remember where), back to New York. I threw on some Knxwledge instrumental projects and when "kometostai.aintreallynootherwaytoputitro" (yes that is this instrumental's actual name) came on, "y'all wanna play monopoly?" took hold within my brain and I was off."

This is the second single from Homeboy Sandman's upcoming "I Can't Sell These Either mixtape", due out November 17.



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