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Out Da Box Talks Episode 18 (STIC of dead prez)

In this Brand New Episode 18 of Out Da Box Talks, host Cril talks with Emcee "STIC" of the successful Hip Hop group "dead prez". We talk about his newest LP "The Workout II" and the significance of the album, as well as how it differs from Part 1. He also gives insight into how he's been responding to the current corona virus pandemic and shares some insightful words on how to stay inspired and motivated in these times. We talk about the term "Discipline" and how he's been able to implement it along with "Inspiration" as two essential wings of the RBG Fitclub Culture to keep motivated on the path of Health, Fitness and Wellness. He also shares insight on what it means to "Trust The Universe" (a song titled on the album) and why it's important, as well as the success of his relationship with comrade "M1 of dead prez" from years of experience sharing with each other, to attending his recent wedding ceremony, and valuing their individual growth. Stic's new LP "The Workout II" is one of the most inspirational displays of music to come out in 2020 and couldn't have come at a better time, whether you're into physical fitness or not, the project shares a wealth of lyrical motivation for anyone to listen to as it does not have any explicit content on it. It can be found via his website now as well as on itunes as "The Workout II". I certainly hope that this interview brings you inspiration in these current times. Stay Safe and Healthy! Much Love! Listen below and at this link



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