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Out Da Box Talks Podcast Update!

Greetings, and thank you so much for coming to this site and supporting this media platform. Due to changes in priority, I have decided to take a break from producing new Out Da Box Talks Podcast Episodes. I initially wasn’t sure how much time I could invest in season 4 but still decided to push forward and start the season late, I was certainly optimistic when I began the new episodes, but the schedule has honestly become a lot on me and I find myself putting a lot more into the podcast than I would hope it could receive at this time, so I will be taking a break from producing new shows (Artist Interviews) but the blog site will continue to update with new music releases, and I still plan to update our other YouTube channel: “Out Da Box Media” with new Album and EP Reviews as well. Each month, I’ll still post our Best Hip Hop and Soul Projects Lists (for the Month) and we’ll also keep updating our OutDaBoxHipHopSoul Spotify Playlists. Occasionally we may still do our Out Da Box Panel discussion Music Review videos and discussions on Hip shop Related current events. So really the only major change is the Out Da Box Talks Podcasts, which I know are a huge change but it is a necessary step for me at this time. Next Friday will be the last Episode before the pause. Please still feel very encouraged to come to this website for new Music updates an all other things Out Da Box Media related. Thank you so much for supporting Out Da Box!



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