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Weekly Recap of New Hip Hop & Soul (Jan 20th thru Jan 26th, 2023)

The previous week had some really cool New Hip Hop and Soul Releases. We got new Hip Hop projects from Oddisee, Eshon Burgundy, 13Five, Tha God Fahim & NicoJP, R.eally E.xisting N.ow, A.P. Da Overlord and Shane Sounds. Also we got new soul projects from The 3 Keys and Chris Walton and a new soul single from Adia Oasis. Check out the posts below

New Album: Shane Sounds - Apostolos

New Soul Music: Adi Oasis - Multiply

New Soul Album: Chris Walton - Ruminating Thoughts

New Album: R.eally E.xisting N.ow - It’s Mine If I Want It

New Album: Eshon Burgundy - Lost Sheep

New EP: A.P. Da Overlord - Dangerous II

New Soul Album: The 3 Keys - We 3 Keys

New Album: 13Five - God Had Other Plans: Plan A

New EP: Tha God Fahim & NicoJP - Chess Moves

New Album: Oddisee - To What End

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