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Weekly Recap of New Hip Hop & Soul Music (July 22-28, 2022)

This past week’s recap consisted of some solid Hip Hop Releases and a few quality soul projects. Last week leading up to today (Friday, July 22nd thru Thursday July 28), we go new albums from Jorai & DJ Ambush, Joey Bada$$, RZA, The Koreatown Oddity, Kenilworth Katrina & Wes Felton, India Shawn, DeepState, Cherimondish J, Mega Ran & Amerigo Gazaway, Lizzie Berchie, Richie 416 & Asun Eastwood, James Iwa, Sareem Poems & Newselph and more. Take a look below for some of the dopest “Creative & Conscious Hip Hop and Quality Soul Music” to be released recently. Check out the posts below



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