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Artist Interview Campaign with Music Breakr!


Greetings Out Da Box fans, I wanted to announce that yours truly “Host Cril”

is collaborating with #MusicBreakr for an Artist Interview Campaign!

I‘ve gotten a lot of requests for #ArtistInterviews over the years and wish I could honor the majority of the requests from a lot of good upcoming artists out there, so I want to offer this opportunity to talented artists who are on the @musicbreakr app that would like to be interviewed by yours truly “Cril” on #OutDaBoxTV on YouTube. The interview video is scheduled to be posted on 1/21/22 so if you are an Artist using the #musicbreakr App and interested in this awesome interview opportunity, which comes with some additional promotion (click the link below for full details) hurry up and submit your music from the app, so I can decide and schedule a date that works best for the interview prior to Jan 21st.

Remember you must be an artist on the @musicbreakr app for this campaign



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