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Best Hip Hop Album/EP of the Week (Sept 9 - Sept 15, 2022)

Ok, First off, it's been a pretty busy week for me, so my apologies for coming through with this "Hip Hop Album/EP of the Week" list so late, but the good things is, I actually have 2 Albums I selected for the "Best Creative & Conscious Hip Hop Album/EP" of this week! The last time I included 2 albums for a weekly "Best Of" list was when I included the new Albums from "MRX SX & Clint Taylor" and "Wordsworth" some weeks ago. This week's selections I believe are certainly worth the recognition for both Projects. So let's start with the first of the two. That Album is from African Hip Hop Group "Divine Dynasty" which consists of lyrically talented Emcees "Sage Poet" and "African King Fre$h". Sage Poet is from Malawai and African King Fre$h is from Zambia. Together they are called "Divine Dynasty" and their new collaborative Album is entitled "Future Ancestors". The album also features a Guest Emcee verse from yours truly "Cril". Yep, I am featured on the track entitled "The Epilogue". And I am truly grateful to be a part of this Album! As far as the lyrical subject matter on the album, it covers a range of thought provoking topics expressing Knowledge of Self from an African perspective, resistance of Colonialsim and Opression based on observation of Historic events, critique of corruption by individuals in roles of power, overcoming and triumph, Divine African Spirituality, paying homage to Hip Hop, the effects of the global Pandemic and more. Another thing especially noteworthy about this album is the selection of skits used, that further compliments the subject matter on the album.

The lyrics from Sage Poet and African King Fre$h are thoughtful, clever and intricate and all of the guest features contribute exceptionally to the subject matter of the song they are featured on. Production wise, the music is jazzy and cinematic soulful, and the beat contributions are split between Sage Poet and African King Fre$h who do a magnificent job complimenting each other as producers as well. That being said, the selections of instrumentals and sequencing works exceptionally well. Overall this Album is a really solid listen from start to finish. There's lots of replay opportunity in the lyrical display of the artists, however its dope vibe is certainly capable of capturing, if you take your time to listen carefully with the first 2 to 3 plays of the album. The listening experience of this Album is certainly rewarding when you listen to it in its entirety, however a lot of the tracks shine exceptionally on their own also. My favorite tracks of selection are "Original, String of Pearls, Mr. Landlord, Victory, and The Epilogue" but all of the tracks are dope collectively on the album. Check out "Divine Dynasty's" new album "Future Ancestors" now currently available on bandcamp also via the embedded player below. Enjoy!

The next "Best Hip Hop Album/EP of the Week" goes to Brooklyn Emcee "Rob Cave" (FKA Spec Boogie) of the Lessondary and Philadelphia Producer "Small Professor" entitled "Respect Wildlife". This album came out on September 9th, 2022 via HipNott Records and has a Boom Bap Jazzy soulful vibe. Lyrically, Rob Cave touches on a number of thought provoking topics, reflecting on Hood life experiences from an intellectual observation. He says via the album description; "I believe that everything that comes from and returns to the earth is a part of the wildlife. As human beings we continue to evolve in many ways and I feel that it is important to remember that we just mammals looking for warmth, food and love at the end of the day". To add on, the subject matter of the music reflects on topics like NYC inner city life, knowledge of self, homage to Philly, ode to NYC ladies, Brooklyn Gentrification, navigating through and overcoming the challenges of hood life, respect and reverence for nature, observing the wolf like behavior of certain people in modern society, also songs that deal with themes about wildlife, the rain, the NYC subway system and more. One of the most clever tracks on the album, is the opening song "Iron Horse" where Rob rhymes about the NYC subway transit experience by cleverly naming the different "Trains" using their representative letters and numbers. If you are a native of, or familiar with the NYC subway experience then you'll probably catch this with first careful listen, but if not, now you'll have insight as you observe the song. The album is also narrated by New York legend Dallas Penn, and its description in general, expresses that "RESPECT WILDLIFE is hoodie and boots music. Dope beats and Dope rhymes focused on the complexities of existence." Production wise, as I mentioned earlier, the album has a Jazzy, Soulful and certainly Boom Bap vibe! The beats are intriguing and keep the listener's attention throughout the entire album. It sounds as though Small Professor took the time to produce and select beats that would not only compliment Rob as an Emcee, but fit just right for the theme of this project. A lyrically thoughtful project over Boom Bap beats! Check out the New Album from Rob Cave and Small Professor entitled "Respect Wildlife" now on bandcamp and digital streaming platforms. Enjoy!



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