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Best Hip Hop Albums & EPs of April 2022

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Check out our list for the “Best Creative and Conscious Hip Hop Albums and EPs” to be released in the month of April 2022. This past month was a bit challenging to compile a "Best of List" but here's what I came up with. Everything from 1 to 15 is in the exact order. Everything after 15 is in no particular order. The order of this list may change in the future as I listen to some of these albums more, but this is what I have for now. Also some Albums are currently only on bandcamp so I noted that next to them. Below is also the #OutDaBoxHipHopSoul Spotify Playlist for "April's Creative and Conscious Hip Hop List". This list features select tracks from all of the projects that are also on digital streaming platforms and also some Hip Hop singles that came out in the month of April. Feel encouraged to Follow the #OutDaBoxHipHopSoul Playist on Spotify, which is updated regularly

  1. Hype - Talk To Me Nice (Newly added to list)


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