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Best Hip Hop Albums/EPs of October 2023

The previous month of October was a pretty interesting month for dope new Hip Hop Project releases. We got new Albums/EPs from MidaZ The BEAST, R.A.P. Ferreira, Tha God Fahim & Camouflage Monk, Cashus King & DJ Applejac, Lord and Master, Divine Dynasty, KXNG Crooked & Joell Ortiz, MIKE, Beneficence & Jazz Spastiks, Earl Sweatshirt & The Alchemist, and more. Most of the Projects are now available on dsps but there are a few that are currently only available on bandcamp and elsewhere. MidaZ The BEAST's new album "The Last of The Mohicans" is one you can find mainly on bandcamp and certainly one of my favorite Albums of October. He doesn't include any preview streams of the album on bandcmap but you can check out some of the snippets on his IG reels to get a sample, otherwise if you're into extremely clever wordplay and sharp lyrics over raw hip hop beats, this album is certainly worth the purchase. I know the level of high lyrical talent MidaZ brings so coppin' this abum without a preview was not a big deal for me. He doesn't miss a beat with the rhymes, and his sharp rhymes flow from the beginning of the album till close. Also R.A.P. Ferreira's new EP "ASIATIQUE BLACK WIZARD LILY FUNK" is another project you won't find on dsps, but you can purchase digitally on his site. It's a pretty short project close to 20 mins in duration and is just one full 19 minute track, consisting of different songs in between, but it feels longer because each slection of music keeps your attention and flows smoothly from one song to another. The production has a mellow, subtle jazzy vibe which accentuates Rory's vocals along with the other Emcee guests on the EP. Tha God Fahim and Producer Camouflage Monk compliment each other really well on Tha Supreme Hoarder Of All Supreme Wealth. Their music is soulful with a meaningful message, Cashus King & DJ Applejac compliement each other also on Lava Lamps and Cashus shines vocally as usual with his commanding voice and thought provoking rhymes. Lord and Master bring a consistent, thoughtful and uplfiting message over Soulful Boom Bap Beats for their Ride and Vybe Volume 1 EP (also only on bandcamp currently) while Divine Dynasty showcase clever wordplay while keeping the conscious lyrics at the forefront with with their Emerald EP. These are my top favorite releases but their were also a number of other dope Hip Hop Albums and EPs to come out last month. Check onmy full list in rank order from 1 thru 25 below. To be clear, 1 through 16 is the true rank order but 17 through 25 can fluctuate. Also as a bonus, below I listed some of dope new Instrumental Hip Hop and Soul Projects that came out as well in October.

Also, as usual check out our "Best Of" Hip Hop Playlist for the Month of October 2023, to hear some of the dope new stand alone singles from other Creative and Conscious Hip Hop artists, as well as album track selections from this ranked list, via our Spotify Playlist "New Hip Hop (October 2023)". You can also check out this playlist embedded from spotify below

Post by Cril of Out Da Box Media

  1. MidaZ The BEAST - The Last of The Mohicans (Bandcamp)


  3. Tha God Fahim & Camouflage Monk -  Tha Supreme Hoarder Of All Supreme Wealth

  4. Cashus King & DJ Applejac - Lava Lamps

  5. Lord and Master: Ride and Vybe: Volume 1 EP (Bandcamp)

  6. Divine Dynasty - Emerald EP

  7. KXNG Crooked & Joell Ortiz - Prosper

  8. MIKE - Burning Desire

  9. Beneficence & Jazz Spastiks - Summer Night Sessions

  10. Earl Sweatshirt & The Alchemist - VOIRE DIRE

  11. Royal Flush, Sean Price, Little Vic - The Royal Price Show EP

  12. Cage Targaryen, So=Cal - The Art Of Combos

  13. Napoleon Da Legend - Asgard Saints

  14. V Knuckles & Phoniks - The Next Chapter

  15. Kueen & MaddSoul - Tales of Gothem EP

  16. Khrysis & KEL - Destined 4 Greatness EP

  17. Guilty Simpson & Uncommon NASA - Escalation

  18. Thought Provokah - Poetry In Motion EP

  19. Luchin Chen - Weight EP

  20. Knowitall - 777 EP

  21. Mostafa - Nvmnd EP

  22. Pink Navel & Kenny Segal - How To Capture Playful

  23. King Draft & 9th Wonder - West End Rose EP

  24. Q Unique - The Legacy Series Vol 2

  25. Wordburglar - The Spinner Rack EP (Bandcamp)

Instrumental Albums/EPs Released in October 2023 (No Rank Order)



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