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Best Hip Hop Song of The Week (Aug 26 - Sept 1st, 2022)

So there weren’t much new stand alone Hip Hop singles to come out last week that I was feelin’, but there was clearly one song, that wasn’t released as an actual single, but was talked about so much when it’s Album was released last Friday. That song is entitled “GOD DID” and is the self titled track of DJ Khalid’s New Album released on August 26th. Like I said this track wasn’t initially released as an actual single, we got to hear it as part of the album when it was released, and I don’t usually select album cuts a “Best Hip Hop Song of the Week” but this record is just too good and big to not recognize in this way! First off Jay-Z’s amazing 80 Bar Verse (whom he did in one take and didn't write!) is the central reason why I really like this song, it’s clearly the best thing about this record and highly worthy of repeat listens (including punchlines, double entendres, clever lyricism etc.). however Rick Ross and Lil Wayne lend some dope lyrical lines to this song as well. I think vocalist “Fridayy’s” singing on this track really makes this record awesome and memorable as well. John Legend’s moment of singing at the end compliments the record very well also. The production by DJ Khaled, Street Runner and Tarik Azzouz really accentuates the vocals on this record. It’s overall just a really good song! Even though I’m more of an underground hip hop fan, I have to give credit where it’s due when I hear music that is lyrically pleasing and quality in overall sound. This record checks those boxes! The beat is not my favorite type of beat but it works and compliments they vocals very well. Overall, we get a strong contender for verse of the year by Jay-Z and dope well produced Hip Hop single. Enjoy!



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