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Best Hip Hop Song of the Week (July 15-21, 2022)

The Best “Creative and Conscious Hip Hop Song of the Week" goes to our homies “JSWISS” and “SkyBlew” two bros I’m extremely proud of! They continue to elevate lyrically more and more over the years and believe they’ve been Emceeing for a while now! This track entitled “We Live It” is Produced by Altair and has a mellow soulful vibe reminiscent of Early “The Foreign Exchange” (check out their 2004 Connected Album). The message on the song is best summed up in the lyric “It’s More Than Just Music, Understand We Live It”. The song also has a smooth beat change up at the close of the track, reminiscent of Nas’ classic “the world is yours”. This is an excellent track currently available on bandcamp. Check it out below!



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