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Hip Hop Album/EP of the Week (Dec 2nd - Dec 8th, 2022)

This new EP from Michigan Emcee "Sareem Poems" and Producer "Madi" entitled "Hopefully" is our selection for "Best Hip Hop Album/EP of the Week" due to its uplifting, inspiring and everyday people relatable subject matter. This music is a strong examplification of Good Vibration Hip Hop! This vibe and message is consistent with Sareem as an Emcee. Just take a listen to his amazing 2020 album "The Art of Living" with Producer "Newselph" for instance.

The production on "Hopefully" is warmly soulful by Madi, but Boom Bap enough to nod and vibe to. The subject matter deals with topics like "having hope, appreciating the present, overcoming, taking care of family, staying motivated and encouraged, achieving goals, loving self for who you are and more. My favorite tracks are Hopefully, Piece of the Pie, Fallen Stars and Keep Going. The music message overall provides this sense of a Family man and father doing his best to support his family, stay encouraged and achieve in life. The project has 6 original vocal tracks and their 6 instrumentals. "Hopefully" is now available on bandcamp and dsps on Illect Recordings



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