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Hip Hop Album/EP of the Week (Feb 17th - Feb 23rd, 2023)

For best Hip Hop Album/EP of last week, I chose the New Album from Cali Emcee "Maxo" entitled "Even God Has A Sense Of Humor" via Def Jam Records. This album overall has some very solid, soulful production. It includes Instrumental contributions from Producers like Madlib, Karriem Riggins, lastnamedavid, Graymatter, Lance Skiiiwalker, Devin Morrison, 48thST and Beat Butcha. Although there are different beatmaker contributions, the music comes together cohesively as though it was just one main producer handling the project. The album is also sequenced pretty well. Lyrically, the subject matter on this album touches on a number of passionate topics: like dealing with pain, overcoming challenges, listening to intuition and the voice of God, hitting rock bottom, breaking free from fake friends and uncessary dissappointments, keeping the faith (in a cold world), taking precautions and much more.

Considering the words of the album title, the lyrics on this project give the sense that Maxo is pleading out to God to help him navigate through some of these challenges he adresses on the album. This is exemplified on the track "onedayatatime" feat. keiyaA where Maxo says on the track "asking God what he want from me, Lord what you want from me". This pleading conversation to God may not be the case for every track on the album but it sounds like it's an overall theme when considering the album title paired with the often emotional and inquistive lyrics about life's challenges. The album also has a lot of rhythm to its various tracks. Singers like Liv.e and KeiyaA strongly compliment with their vocal contributions. Or the appearance of subtle vocals on the track "Free!" and of course the harmonizing done by Maxo himself on a number songs on the album.

The album has strong warm Soul vibe and the music is so melodic at times, that it's easy to tune out of the lyrics and just vibe to the Melodies. Leading in producer contributions is the Talented Producer, Jazz Musician "Karriem Riggins", and second most contributions are provided between producers "Graymatter" and "lastnamedavid". As far as Emcee features there's really just one main rapping guest and that's "Pink Siifu" who's featured on the track "48" produced by Madlib, that's certainly one of the standout tracks in my opinion. Other standout tracks I believe are the following: Both Handed feat. Liv.e, Nuri, Free!, onedayatatime and Like I don't See you. Check out the new album from Maxo entitled "Even God Has A Sense of Humor" now available on dsps.

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