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Hip Hop Album/EP of the Week (Jan 13th - Jan 19th, 2023)

This very anticipated album from native BK Emcee "Skyzoo" and Producers "The Other Guys" entitled "The Mind Of A Saint" was released on Friday January 13th, 2023, and upon release, I must say it certainly delivered. The album is a concept album inspired by by the lead character "Franklin Saint" of the hit FX Show "Snowfall". But even if you haven't seen the show, you'll likely still very much enjoy the album. Franklin's character in Snowfall represents a 19 year old convenience store clerk who rose to become South Central LA's notorious drug kingpin and the patriarch of the Family. Within the album's artistic approach, Skyzoo weaves between the worlds of Franklin's fictional character and the real world of events effected by the 80's crack era. Sky expressed that this was one of the most intense projects he's ever written, and upon listening you can easily observe that he put his mighty creative pen to work on this project. The beats by DC Production duo "The Other Guys (Mighty Joe & Isaiah)" serves as a jazzy and soulful Boom Bap backdrop for this amazing album. There are a variety of subtle instrumental nuances added to the album as well timely skits that compliment the concept of the project well. As far as lyrics, Skyzoo as usual brings his thoughtful, clever and impeccable story telling to this project, The album is written as though the character Franklin is recording the album himself about his hustler life story, the subject matter reflects on everything from Franklin navigating through his come up as a dealer in the 80's crack era, his awareness and admiration for the Black Panther Organization/Movement, his rise to power and having lots of money as a drug kingpin, the casualties of the hustler and street life, regrets and apologies for choices made, transitioning from the hustler life to purity and more. The standout tracks for me are Views From The Valley, Panthers & Powder, 100 to One, Apologies In Order and Purity. The entire album is delivered really smoothly but intricately layered. Skyzoo's wordplay is amazing! Check out the new album "The Mind Of A Saint" now available on bandcamp and dsps on HiPNOTT. Enjoy!

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