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Hip Hop Album/EP of the Week (Jan 27th - Feb 2nd, 2023)

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

In the previous week we got a few cool new Hip Hop Albums/EPs that were released. However the album that stood out the most in terms of overall quality was the New Album from Jamla/Roc Nation Emcee "Reuben Vincent" entitled "Love Is War". What's special about this album is its rich, soulful and upbeat melodic vibe present throughout the project. Production is contributed by 9th Wonder, Khrysis, Young Guru, Sndtrak, Eric G and others. The drum presence is strong and rich on the album. Reuben's rhymes are easy to understand, his voice is clear and his flow is rhythmic. Also the subject matter expressed in the lyrics/ vocals manages to stay on topic with the Album's Title "Love Is War" prominently throughout the project. Whether it's the love of material things like money, and alchohol that also can bring harm (war) depending on how it's utilized, or the love for women who have done him wrong or took advantage of him. Or even the fight/war to overcome those with a crab in the barrel mentality who have had a negative perspective on his success, the album addresses the topic of "Love Is War" at least on 60 percent of the songs of this project. The vocal features on the album really help to bring this music project over the top. My favorite song is "Look What You Did" feat. "Sonny Miles". Sonny's singing on this track is nothing short of Stellar! What an amazing vocal contribution on this. Wonderful job also by singers "Stacy Barthe" and "Jordan Ariel", although their vocal contributions are on the subtler side, their presence is still impactful and complimentary to the songs they are features on. Singer "Ant Clemons" strongly elevates the musicality on one of the earlier tracks "Just Like A Dream", and singer "Joseph Lamercier" shines tremendously on the closing track "Point Of View". A succefull album closing track certainly. The production on this album is awesome. It makes for a rich, quality musical listen straight through. Rhyme wise, Reuben weaves through different flows showing his versitilty with vocal delivery. The Emcee features on the album are complimentary dope as well, with verses from Reason, Rapsody and Domani. At 11 songs and 37 mins, the album is just the right duration to capture listening interest and still manage to get the overall gist of the music in a reasonable amount of time. This new album by "Reuben Vincent" entitled "Love Is War" is now available on dsps.

Post by Cril of Out Da Box Media




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