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Hip Hop Album/EP of the Week (Nov 25th - Dec 1st, 2022)

Okay in the previous week we had few dope Album/EP releases but the one we chose to go with as the "Best Creative and Conscious Hip Hop Project of the Week" released betwen November 25 thru December 1st, 2022 is the new Album from talented Brand Nubian Emcee "Sadat X" and Dough Networkz entitled "Science of Life". One of the first singles I heard from this album a few months ago was the single "N*gg*s to Gods" and I thought that song really exemplified Sadat's gifted ability to deliver his Knowledge of Self and OG education through rhyme. He delivers his knowledge and awareness through rhyme with such ease and personifies the wise OG exceptionally on this track. In fact, his lyrical contribution throughout the majority of this album embodies that wise subject matter. It's as if you're listening to an uncle who made it through the streets give you game on how to navigate through life and avoid the pitfalls of the hood. The album has a lot of Emcee features that compliment the music but I truly think that Sadat is the strongest lyrical representation on the album due to his easy going vocal delivery and careful choice of subject matter throughout majority of the album. The subjects on the album reflect on topics like navigating through the pandemic, making wise decisions in the streets, the importance of having integrity and moral principles to stand on, caring for the children, minding your own business/ developing self financially and more. My favorite tracks on the album are "Halal, N*gg*s to Gods, Player Sh*t, Tell Em, Babies, and Burning Sands". Two of my favorite guest artist features come from Planet Asia and Knowledge The Pirate. The production on the album is Boom Bap soulful and sometimes gritty. The contributing producers include Local Astronauts, GIVEMSOUL, Khrysis, Kevin Kaous and Roc Marciano. I certainly enjoyed this album from start to finish, and appreciated Sadat's intelligently expressive Emcee presentation. Check out his new album "Science of Life" now available on digital streaming platforms



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