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Hip Hop Album/EP of the Week (Oct 14 - Oct 20, 2022)

A number of dope new albums were released in the past week, but the best Creative or Conscious Hip Hop Album/EP released in my opinion is this New Album from native BK, Virginia based Emcee "Awon" and Producer "Soul.Dope.95" entitled "Infinite Wisdom". An album about the exploration of blackness and the standing of African Americans / Africans living in the diaspora in popular culture. Awon is known for spitting thought provoking lyrics over Boom Bap beats.  On this album via collaboration with Producer "Soul.Dope.95" we get the same quality Boom Bap Soulful Beats with thoughtful verses by Awon.  As far as the lyrical subject matter, the music touches on subjects such as Black Excellence, Black History, Social Media, Love and Marriage, overcoming obstacles, self confidence over jealous individuals, corruption of power, teaching from wisdom and experience, overcoming the streets, making wise decisions and more. Awon delivers his lyrics about these subjects in an easy flowing manner, as if he's talking carefully to the listener. The production from Soul.Dope.95 is so jazzy and soulful, it's sometimes easy to just get caught up in the vibe of the album and lose focus of the lyrics. One of my favorite tracks is the self titled song "Infinite Wisdom" which features a stellar verse about Black Excellence from Emcee "Napoleon Da Legend", I also really like the song "Union" which features a really dope verse from "Tiff the Gift" that touches on the subject of love, marriage and appreciation for your significant other. Additional favorite tracks of mine are "Timeline, Thrones for Sale, and Baldwin Reprise" which has a dope beat change up in the middle of the track and a fresh and thoughtful verse from Anti Lilly. Overall the album is dope and thorough listen of mature lyrics over jazzy, soulful Boom Bap beats. Check out "Infinite Wisdom" available now on bandcamp and dsps.



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