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Hip Hop Album/EP of the Week (Oct 21st - Oct 27th, 2022)

Earlier this year in March, Native NYC Emcee "Sy Ari Da Kid" put out his "Shadow In The Shade Part 1" album and it was one of my favorite New Projects to be released in the first Quarter of 2022. Fast forward to this month of October he delivered yet again with a follow up release, delivered in this awesome new album "The Shadow In The Shade 2". First of all, the album clocks in at 1 hour and 6 mins with 21 tracks, which could literally be considered a double album. Even with the long Tracklist, the music is intriguing from start to finish. Sy Ari has a way of delivering his thought provoking lyrics in a clear, precise and clever way. It's really easy to listen to him as an emcee and at the same time witness the tactical display of wordplay, punchlines and double entendres in his rhymes. The music on the album touches on subjects such as growth, overcoming adversity, integrity, relationships, the ups and downs of hood life, trust, responsiblity, business success and much more. The music on the album reflects the journey of black man from the hood navigating through life dealing with the challenges faced in his community, amongst relationships with friends, family, partners, business wise and in the music industry. Some of the standout tracks on the album are True Facts, Yard Sale, Strugglin' to Struggle, Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organizations, A Consultation, Chicken Flavor Ramen Noodles, Final Fantasy 7, Jagged Edge, A President Short of Nomination and Dosvidanyia. The production on this album is certainly Boom Bap soulful and compliments Sy Ari's people relatable approach as an Emcee. The beats are provided by Vntg Jag, Sypooda, Jamar Johnson, Homage, Prophecy, RamenLechuga, Cartune Beatz, Bardo, Bugsy Malone and more. With such a variety of producers on the album it's amazing how cohesive the music sounds comig together. An awesome accomplishment made with the sequencing of tracks chosen! As far as vocal features there's not a lot, however the album hosts contributions from Bigga Rankin, Freeway, Mickey Factz and more. Overall it's a well produced, thought provoking and clever lyrical album. Check out Sy Ari Da Kid's "Shadow In The Shadow 2" now available on digital streaming platforms.



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