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Hip Hop Album/EP of the Week (Oct 7th - Oct 13th, 2022)

On October 7th, 2022, accomplished Queens Bridge Emcee "Cormega" release his brand new album "The Realness II" after years of anticipation, and I have to say it certainly delivered! I really enjoyed his previous full length Album entitled "Mega Philosophy" released in 2014, but when I heard he was working on Part 2 of his well received classic "The Realness", as well as the patience and effort he took to create the project, I couldn't help but anticipate this sequel release. In my observation of the TR2 album so far, it's certainly a fitting follow up to the original "The Realness LP". The production is soulful, cinematic and emotional. The lyrics reflect on mature topics such as integrity, respect, wisdom, morals, responsibility and more. When listening to Mega on this album, just like with his previous releases, you can hear many moments of lyrical jewels, whether you come from the hood or are just navigating through the challenges of life as an adult, his lyrics are inspirational and uplifting especially to the individual who desires to stand on moral principles. He has a lyric on the song "Glorious" featuring "Nas" where he says "Learn from adversity stand on integrity, don't abandon these principle for anything". Such a powerful line, that alone sums up the value of how inspirational Mega is as an Emcee. On that same song Nas says at the close of his verse "Mega not who I met from the music sh*t, we from the block, a brother I grew up with". I feel like that line is so dope coming from Nas, because it speaks to the value of friendship prior to popularity and fame, not just between the two of them but it's also inspirational from an everyday person perspective when you think about the day one people who've always been supportive in your life prior to any material success. There are also a number of other clever lyrical moments on the album where Mega rhymes on the topic of "Hip Hop" from a narrative perspective via the track "Her Name", and he even pays homage to some notable Emcees with a tatical lyrical approach on the track "White Roses". The Realness II also features verses from Emcees "Lloyd Banks" and "Havoc" of Mobb Deep with production from Domingo, The Alchemist, Sha Money XL, Large Professor, Street Runner, Harry Fraud and more. The album flows from track to track seamlessly but my favorite tracks are "Her Name, Glorious, What's Understood, Life And Rhymes,White Roses and Paradise". Check out the dope and thoughtful new album from "Cormega" entitled "The Realness II" now available on digital streaming platforms via Viper Records. Enjoy and Be Inspired!

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