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Hip Hop Song of the Week (Dec 2nd - Dec 8th, 2022)

This new mega song from Cali Emcee "Cashus King' entitled "Poetry in Motion" featuring Jeff Johnson II is our selection for "Best Hip Hop Song of the Week", not just for its almost 12 minute duration but for the depth of thought provoking lyrics and variety of soulfully interesting beat changeups throughout the record. It almost plays out like a mini EP or an album sampler. I won't be doing any lyrical dissecting of this extensive track, just take a listen to the experience. You can also read more details about "Poetry in Motion" in description below. Check the mega song out now on bandcamp and dsps.

“Poetry in Motion” is the second mega-song in a series of mega-songs that I will be releasing with Cinematagraffiti. The first mega-song was released earlier this year entitled: Heaven. Man. Earth. 14 original beats have been condensed onto the same track to create one cohesive song broken down into 14 chapters. “Poetry in Motion” is akin to an audio book, with each chapter fleshing out the themes of the overall narrative. We want to offer the fans something different from what they’re accustomed to getting from other emcees. Every emcee is a poet, delivering words in rhythmic patterns that flow perpetually. Even when the music stops the words stay in motion."

-Cashus King

note: This single was released on bandcamp on Dec 1st, but was released on dsps on Dec 2nd, so we chose to go with the the Dec 2nd release date since that's when it became available more widely

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