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#MusicPremier: Illustrate - Golf Swing

I am so excited to premier this new song from one of my absolute favorite Emcees who I haven't heard music from in quite a while. He goes by the name "Illustrate" and is from the city of Orlando. I first heard his music in the mid 2000's (like around 2005 to 2007) while listening to Squeeze Radio, a WKCR NY show which at the time was hosted by DJ Sucio Smash (Jer 2) and Tim See, and ever since then I've been checking for his music. He's one of the most lyrically gifted Emcee's I've ever heard and I always appreciated his honesty and people relatable lyrics. I felt he's always been exceptional at delivering his lyrics from an everyday working class person's perspective. I feel like almost a decade has went by and I haven't heard anything new from him musically, and just a week ago, super thanks to the homie "MidaZ The BEAST" another extremely talented Emcee from Orlando, I was connected again with Illustrate. As a fan of dope Hip Hop, that made me really happy and I'm even more happier to premier one of his new tracks he recently worked on. Currently he's quite busy running a new Restaurant business but informed me he's still making new music occasionally. So certainly stay tuned here on Out Da Box Media, for more updates on new music from "Illustrate". In the meantime check out his latest song "Golf Swing" now available on bandcamp below



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