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New #OutDaBoxTV Interview: R.E.N. (R.eally E.xisting N.ow)

In this special #OutDaBoxTV interview, which is a part of our #MusicBreakr Artist Interview Campaign, Host Cril talks with Midwest Emcee "R.E.N." (R.eally E.xisting N.ow) about his early inspirations to pursue a career in Hip Hop, he talks about how he got his name "R.E.N." which is an acronym for "Really Existing Now", his latest single "Cold Game" which is on his well produced upcoming album "From Me To You", he talks about his thoughtful approach to music, his desire to speak about topics that draw from real life experiences to create his art and also speak about Black Opulence in his music. We also talk a bit about his New "From Me To You" Album, due for release on January 25th, the producers involved, the most emotional track he recorded, his ability to balance being a father, a husband, work and artistry all together, and more. Take a look at this insightful video interview above, also on Out Da Box TV on YouTube with an artist who definitely looks to have a promising future in Hip Hop. His drive is definitely inspiring and I appreciate that he takes the time to talk about real life topics and offer substance in his music, while also being clever in his word play. R.E.N.'s music is now available on digital streaming platforms. Just search for name “R.eally E.xisting N.ow” on dsps. Also listen to snippets and pre save his upcoming album “From Me To You” at this link



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