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#NewAlbum: Aloeight - Arachnid

New Album from Producer "Aloeight" entitled "Arachnid" featuring a range of really dope and talented lyricists. The project is fully produced by "Aloeight" and features talented Emcee guests KXNG Crooked, J. Arr, Locksmith, Vega 7 the Ronin, Mickey Diamond, Pro Dillinger, Planet Asia, MTS Music, Jae Skeese, King Los, Elzhi, Jakprogresso, Kool Keith, Ransom, K.J. and ILL Conscious. These are some of the most skill lyricists out today in Hip Hop, so this project brings you in for a lyrical treat. I feel like Aloeight strategically sort after recruiting some of the most skilled lyricists just for this project. Arachnid is now available on digital streaming platforms



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