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#NewAlbum: Cril - The Next Best Step?

Peace yall, Cril here of Out Da Box, I'm excited to announce that Today my New Hip Hop Album "The Next Best Step?" written, performed and produced by me is now officially available on bandcamp to stream and purchase. I know its been quite a moment since I've sent out the Weekly Recaps and Hip Hop Albums of the Week Posts, and my apologies for the pause in updates, the main reason I had to take a break from those posts was due to the time I needed to invest in crafting and preparing for this album to be released. After working on this album for about the last 8 months, I'm so happy to say it's now officially released. You can read more about the concept of "The Next Best Step?" Album and how it came together below. Also check out the album embedded and the link to stream and purchase the music via bandcamp. Much Thanks for rockin' with Out Da Box and thanks in advance for checking out my music as an artist.

This album was a labor of love for me to create. It's a concept album that that I wrote, performed and produced. It deals with the topic of indecisiveness as it relates to achieving new goals, and the experience of feeling stuck when you don't know what best decision to make next . After reflecting on my achievements over the last year and a half, I found myself questioning what should be my next best step. I was having difficulty balancing between my career and my creative goals, and I just wanted to make sure I made the right decision. Since then I've made some decisions I'm proud of but What's The Next Best Step? is a question that still comes up for me, and I believe it will continue to come up. I feel like no matter how much we feel we've got life figured out, there's always some new moment where we'll experience indecisiveness. Sometimes that moment feels longer, sometimes it feels shorter and the scenarios often vary. My hope is that I come to the right decision as fast as possible. On this album I wanted to explore thoses feelings on a variety of songs. I originally wanted to title the album "Where do I go from here?" or "What's The Next Best Step?" but I decided to choose "The Next Best Step?" because the wording was a bit shorter and it resonated more artistcally to me. The lyrics are thoughtful and relatable, and the production is funky, Jazzy and soulful and Boom Bap. I hope that you enjoy and are inspired by the music!



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