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#NewAlbum: LowDown Brass Band - LowDown Nights

New Album from “LowDown Brass Band” entitled “LowDown Nights” now available on bandcamp and digital streaming platforms. Read bandcamp description of the album below which also includes the list of the members of the band and their musical roles:

Anthony “Billacamp” Evora- MC Vocals

Shane Jonas- Lead Vocals, Trumpet, Keyboards

Sam Johnson- Trumpet

David Levine- Baritone Saxophone, Vocals

Chris Neal- Tenor Saxophone

Andrew Zelm- Trombone

Raphael Crawford- Trombone, Vocals

Matthew Davis- Trombone, Vocals

John Barbush- Drums, Percussion

Lance Loiselle- Sousaphone, Keyboards

Additional Percussion by: Jess Anzaldúa, Micheal August

The LDB would like to thank all of you for making LowDown Nights become a reality. We believe in the life changing power of music, and its ability to heal and comfort during difficult times. During this unprecedented time in history the making of this album has helped each one of us grow as artists and people, and we are grateful for the opportunity to share this experience with each of you. Thank you to all our families for their constant love and support. A very special thank you to Mike Hammes and Rick Dupraw for their kindness and generosity.



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