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#NewAlbum: Mega Ran, Penny The Great, Slopfunkdust - Protoculture Season

New Album from Emcees “Mega Ran, Penny The Great” and Producer “Slopfunkdust” entitled “Protculture Season”. A Hip Hop tribute to the famous Anime “Macross (aka Robotech)”. Read more the description of the album below. The album is now available on bandcamp and digital streaming platforms

“WHAT IS PROTOCULTURE SEASON?!?! A hip-hop tribute to perhaps the most influential anime series ever; Macross (aka Robotech). "Protoculture Season" takes you through the most exciting, intense and emotional moments of the ROBOTECH series' first season through masterful storytelling by Penny and Ran, over spectacular beats by Slopfunkdust. Even if you don't know the show, with transforming robots, a love triangle and daring aerial dogfights, there's something for everyone. The album's 8 tracks will immerse and entertain at the highest level, bringing you right into the world of Robotechnology.”



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