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#NewAlbum: Synik - A Travel Guide For The Broken

New Album from native Zimbabwe, now Portugal based Emcee "Synik" entitled "A Travel Guide For The Broken" now available on bandcamp and digital streaming platforms. Read the description of the album below:

“Combining hip hop, soul and African influences, A Travel Guide For The Broken is a one-of-a-kind album, a treat both for the ears and the soul.” Stereofox

This is the first project which sees Synik with a huge hands-on role in the production of most of the songs. Merging Hip Hop with traditional African music and combining live instrumentation with masterful production the album carries a warm and down-to-earth feel. From the album-opener “Rukuvhute” to the closing “Kutenda”, A Travel Guide For The Broken takes the listener on a sonic journey in which Synik’s lyrical abilities and vocal skills shine to the fullest.

“A ‘Travel Guide For The Broken’ was formed out of circumstances I was dealing with when I left Zimbabwe in 2016. I used the term broken, as this is how I felt at the time and the theme resurfaces at various points in the album. Through storytelling, the project depicts the various challenges that can lead to, as well as result from leaving one's home. But beyond the immigrant tale, the album alludes to life as a journey which can also leave one broken. Ultimately, the music does not only document this brokenness, it seeks to offer a path, a travel guide, if you will, to healing.” - Synik

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