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#NewEP: Illingsworth - I'm not supposed to be here

It's been amost 3 years since one of our favorite Emcees from Detroit, also really dope producer as well known as "Illingsworth" released an Emcee project. He released his last 6 track Emcee EP entitled "I didn't think this through (2017 demos)" back in 2020 and since then has released a large number instrumental projects under the title "hashtag illingsworks" from vol. 1 through vol. 13, being quite busy as a producer from 2021 through this year in 2023, so it was quite a pleasant surprise to learn of this new Emcee Project from him this month. Comprising of 12 tracks with mostly rhymes and each track under 3 or 2 mins in length, illingsworth released his new project entitled "i'm not supposed to be here" which according to his is no big preamble, some raw ish, including some raps, loops some chops and some chords. Check out the new project now available on bandcamp

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