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#NewMixtape: Dom Deshawn - Last $ummer Broke

New Project/Mixtape from Emce "Dom Deshawn" entitled "Last $ummer Broke" now available on bandcamp

Read the description of the project below

“I remember growing up in my late teens during the height of the Blog Era in music. Minus the golden age of the 90s, this time was the most influential period of music that shaped not only my sound, but my approach of music in this new internet age. You had artist like Curren$y, Pac Div, Fly Union, J. Cole, Drake, Dom Kennedy, Kendrick and so many more that grew a following, often times giving us fans mixtapes. Many of my fave mixtapes were created on LIMITED budgets, rapping over classic records and adding original songs as well. I wanted to bring that feeling back and give my fans a very authentic feel of those moments. Being the brokest I’ve ever been in my adulthood, I turned to music and put this together in 1-2 weeks.”



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