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#NewEP: Cashus King - Heaven.Man.Earth. feat. Jeff Johnson II (Conceptual Project)

New 11 minute conceptual project of music from the amazingly talented Emcee "Cashus King" entitled "Heaven.Man.Earth" featuring "Jeff Johnson II" now available on bandcamp and digital streaming platforms. Read more about the description of the one track project below:

"Heaven. Man. Earth. Isn’t a song.

Heaven. Man. Earth. is an 11 minute conceptual project condensed into one track.

Heaven. Man. Earth. has 11 individually produced tracks condensed into one cohesive presentation.

Heaven. Man. Earth. Is the brainchild of @Cinematagraffiti conceptually and production wise.

Heaven. Man. Earth. Is an album, EP, single, mixtape, and playlist in one.

Heaven. Man. Earth. Features Jeff Johnson ll

Heaven. Man. Earth. Is dedicated to the memory of Christopher Mims, we love and miss you.

Heaven. Man. Earth."



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