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Our New Youtube Channel Launched for Music Reviews and more!

Greetings to all the Out Da Box Media Supporters and folks who visit this site. Thank you first of all for coming here and rockin' with Out Da Box for however long you've known us. It's Cril from Out Da Box and I would like to announce that I started a brand new youtube channel with the familiar name "Out Da Box Media" that will feature primarily Hip Hop and Soul Music Review (Albums, Songs) videos on a daily basis with room for other content. My goal is to offer value based on my researched insight about some of the freshest new Creative and Conscious Hip Hop being released daily and weekly. I've decided to take on this move because I truly believe in the value of sharing quality new hip hop that people generally might not know about, with hopes that folks can enjoy, relate to or be inspired by. Check out the link to the new review channel which is currently up and running with over 10 videos already posted. Please feel encouraged to Subscribe!!!! to the channel if you could appreciate the content. Our other Youtube channel Out Da Box TV will still be functioning but it will mainly before Interview content related to Out Da Box Talks and others. I created the Out Da Box Media Youtube Channel for the purpose of having a centralized platform for the daily music reviews. Also check out a video I did below on Out Da Box TV talking about the new channel as well. Enjoy and remember to Subscribe to the new channel if you like!


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