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Out Da Box Media "New Music Blog" is Back!

Greetings to all the Out Da Box Fans and viewers of this website! Cril of Out Da Box here! If you’ve been following this site for the last few days, you‘ve likely noticed that I‘ve been posted a lot of new hip hop releases daily. To give some history, when Out Da Box Media and this website launched around the mid 2000’s, I would often post a lot of new hip hop music releases from creative and conscious hip hop artists along with Artist interviews me and my bro A-Level did on Out Da Box TV. However, I stopped sharing those new releases here because it became a lot to manage this website daily. Over the years I have become an even bigger supporter of dope new Hip Hop from the Creative, Conscious and Boom Bap independent scene and I would still make those new release posts on my Out Da Box Media social media pages like Instagram, Twitter and facebook page Out Da Box Radio, but I always felt it would be dope to have the new release posts back here on the website (at least initially then to the social media pages). So I am excited to say that in 2022 I figured a way to make those posts happen here more easily, and now you can view as a new music blog. A site where visitors can learn about dope new hip hop, mostly from creative and conscious independent hip hop/ soul artists. This site will still certainly be the home to our Interview and Talk shows like Out Da Box Talks Podcast, Out Da Box TV, Out Da Box Radio Mixes and other cool info and services, however you can return here daily to be put on to new independent releases on a regular/daily basis. I certainly hope you enjoy the music content and interview/talk shows we share here related to Hip Hop and Soul Music. If you are an artist and you would like to submit your music to this blog/website for consideration for post, please email me at Thanks so much for supporting Out Da Box or visiting the site! Be Inspired!


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