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Out Da Box Talks Episode 86 - Cymarshall Law Interview

In this Episode 86 of Out Da Box Talks, Host Cril talks with New Jersey Emcee and now Author "Cymarshall Law" about his brand new album and Book entitled "I Still Love H.E.R.". He talks about the process of creating the album, his motivation for coming up with the title, the journey to develop his Book and the message the book is intended to deliver. Cy also speaks on some of the subject matter and lyrics on the album including the song "4 Jersey" where he shares his love for growing up in the state, he also talks about the song "The Normal New (Growing Up in the Pandemic)" which reflects on a conversation with one of his son's about a youth's experience during the recent and ongoing pandemic. He talks about his collaboration with super lyrical Emcees "U.G. of Cella Dwellas" and "Grafh" on the album, his drive to continue to give his competitive best as an Emcee and much more. He also speaks on the song "Creators" where he mentions choosing being Authentic over Popularity and explains his reasoning for choosing Authentic. The interview clocks in almost 2 hours but very in depth. We also have a bonus segment of this interview exclusively on our Patreon page, where he talks more about other lyrics on the album and the amazing experience he had meeting and collaborating with a Very Legendary Hip Hop Emcee. Certainly feel encouraged to subscribe to our Out Da Box Media Patreon if you can. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this interview. Cymarshall Law is a talented and hard working Emcee, Author and overall dope creative. Watch video above and listen to audio below. Enjoy!



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