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#SoulAlbum: Tomorrow’s Wish - On My Mind

Unreleased songs and demos from 70's 80's Atlanta Georgia group "Tomorrow's Wish" now available on bandcamp. Read below

"Gospel meets Modern Soul & Boogie on this second never before released LP containing unreleased songs & demos from the vaults of Atlanta, Georgia based group Tomorrows Wish led by vocalist Lester Carr (who now travels with the Tams) & backed by Mary Spencer & Kimberlyn Williams

They recorded several R&B singles in the 1970s that never saw the light of day. In the 1980’s, they went on to record a full gospel album under Glory Bound Records. Shortly after, the group disbanded & never recorded or released anything again until now.

“On My Mind” contains a ensemble arranged by producer Emanuel Campbell (of Emandolynn Music) & backed by guitarist, Harry Case (known for his highly sought out after LP “In A Mood”) as well as keyboardist: Oliver Wells & bassist: Ricky Keller (both of fusion group Life Force fame)."

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